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Medical Journal HelMedica
(Hellenica Medica)
The need for constant briefing of the medical community but also of scientists belonging to the wider health field about the current medical progress has now become mandatory.
The journal HelMedica is providing you not only with the priviledge of the  
bullets for design
free briefing
but also with the opportunity of the bullets for designfree publishing of scientific articles.
Welcome to our site
With great pleasure and satisfaction we present you
the electronic, open access publication of
the bilingual scientific journal HelMedica.

The journal is published three times per year in two languages (Greek and English).  
It is available on-line free of charge, in both html and pdf format which you may download to your pc.
Objective of
the journal is the briefing on breaking medi-
cal news
but also the valid information for a wide variety of medical subjects.
The subjects of each issue are based
on a concrete structure, which is suitably adapted in the special issues.

Here, you can
submit your manuscript on-line
with a simple submitting form
Instructions for authors.
Each article submitted for publication, is reviewed by the  editorial board, so that the high quality of the content is ensured, respecting the reading public.

Previous issues and special issues.
Seek for them! .
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