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September 25, 2011 9th HelMedica Issue  Article 1st

Title : Editorial

Author : Tsintou Magdalini*
Department : Medical School, University of Thessaly
*Editor in Chief, reviewer, webmaster.

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          Dear contributors, friends and readers of HelMedica;

          with the release of the ninth edition, three years of continuous online presence of the journal have been substantially completed. It tried to follow the advances in medical science, also providing rostrum to any interested colleague.

          I would like to personally thank, on the part of the editorial team, everyone who supported and supports the journal all this interval of time, as an ordinary reader or by submitting articles.

          However, due to my personal busy schedule in another university abroad, I am obliged to be withdrawn from my duties for a certain period of time. During this period, there will be coordination of the editorial team and briefing of the public about the publishing date of the next issue of the journal HelMedica or about any other change in the journal's function. Naturally, the existing issues will remain posted online as they are.

          I would like again to thank you all for your confidence and for your participation. 



Sincerely yours,
Tsintou Magdalini,
Editor in Chief, reviewer, web master
of the electronic scientific journal HelMedica.



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