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September 25, 201    HelMedica journal - 9th Issue

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Dear contributors, friends and readers of HelMedica; with the release of the ninth edition, three years of continuous online presence of the journal have been substantially completed. It tried to follow the advances in medical science, also providing rostrum to any interested colleague.
I would like to personally thank, on the part of the editorial team, everyone who supported......

Multimedia-photographic material.
Multimedia-photographic material on West Nile Virus.
Assiduity: Tsintou Magdalini.

The West Nile virus (DN) is a RNA virus that belongs to the flaviviridae family and is transmitted by infected mosquito bite.
Three-dimensional visualization of the virus structure and images from the transmission electron microscope (TEM).
Illustration of the histopathological lesions caused by the virus. 

Guidelines for health professionals, on the diagnosis and treatment of the West Nile Virus infection.
Translation-assiduity: Tsintou Magdalini.

The West Nile virus (WNV) is an RNA virus and it belongs to the flaviviridae family.
It is closely related to Japanese encephalitis virus, St. Louis encephalitis and to other similar viruses that cause encephalitis. It was first isolated in the West Nile province of Uganda in 1937, from where it got its name
2. Epidemiology

Alzheimer's Association guidelines for the neuropathologic assessment of Alzheimer's disease.
Assiduity: Tsintou Magdalini.

The current consensus criteria for the neuropathologic diagnosis of Alzheimer’sdisease (AD), the National Institute on Aging/Reagan Institute of the Alzheimer Association Consensus Recommendations for the Postmortem Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease or NIA-Reagan Criteria,1 were published in 1997 (hereafter “1997 Criteria”). Knowledge of AD and the tools used....

Clinical approach to the patient with tremor.
Tsintou Magdalini.

The synchronous or alternating contractions of antagonist muscles generate rhythmic, involuntary, oscillatory movement which is defined as tremor [1]. It may be related to any part or parts of the body and it is roughly classified into rest or action tremor [2]. In the first case, the affected area is involuntary activated while it is supported against gravity......  

Review-Of general interest.
West Nile Virus (WNV) infection.
Tsintou Magdalini.

The epidemiology of West Nile virus (WNV) is continuously changing. It was first isolated in Uganda in 1937 [1]. From there, the virus was spread to Africa and areas of the Middle East [2]. In the 50's, the virus was found in Israel, in the 60's in France and since the mid 1990's many epidemics occurred in Europe. In August of 1999, 62 patients with meningoencephalitis.......  

Fragile X-Associated Tremor / Ataxia Syndrome (FXTAS).
Tsintou Magdalini.

This is the most common form of inherited mental retardation recognized in the late 1990s. It is caused by a permutation in the FMR1 gene on the X chromosome.
The FMR1 gene contains a 5΄ untranslated CGG repeats region [1], from 6 to 55 triplets in length. In gene permutation, there is an expansion of the CGG repeats between 55 to 200 triplets.....

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