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Here, you will find both the current edition and all the
previous editions of the electronic scientific journal HelMedica.
Click the image of the issue in order to enter into its page.

You can download to your pc both the current issue of the journal
and the previous issues of all this year in pdf format by clicking the followings links.  
If you wish to download previous years’ issues, you can enter into page
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Depending on medical breaking news,
there will be dedicated relevant issues.

Furthermore, there will be issues dedicated to diseases
or emergency situations in Medicine.

You will be informed in previous issues and those who wish
to participate in writing reviews or in case presenting,
are requested to submit their articles in time
in order to be included in the special issue. 
Past Issues
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Here, you can
submit your manuscript on-line
with a simple submitting form
Instructions for authors.
Each article submitted for publication, is reviewed by the  editorial board, in order the high quality of the content to be  ensured, respecting the reading public.

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