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 To inform for both the current scientific developments and subjects concerning the education.
  To contribute to scientific knowledge by both medical issues reviewing and presenting medical cases.

  To contribute to the easy comprehension through visual depiction methods and abundant audiovisual material.

  To contribute to the promotion of both the scientific research and the Greek or foreigner scientists offering in this field.

  To constitute a communication channel, dialogue source and exchange of opinions.
Depending on the medical breaking news, there will be dedicated relevant issues but also special issues dedicated to diseases or emergency situations in Medicine..   

The thirst for briefing, learning and
communication generated the creation idea
of HelMedica journal.

Tsintou Magdalini, MD.

Editor in Chief, reviewer, webmaster of HelMedica journal.

Liakou Penelope, MD.
Associate editor, reviewer of HelMedica journal.

Tsintos Anastasios, MD.
Associate editor, reviewer of HelMedica journal.

Toulios Georgios, MD.
Associate Editor, reviewer of HelMedica journal.

Reviewers and also scientific advisers
of the journal articles are
professors of the University
of Thessaly - Medical School.
  Scientific and educational news.

 Medical issues reviews
and research studies

Presentations - medical congress announcements.


  Visual assimilation (multimedia) - Photographic material.

  Medical cases

  Research and Researcher. The research in Greece.

Re-establishment - Specialties - Career.

The role of the doctor in modern society. The Doctor-Patient Relationship.

  Medical deontology.
Moral reflections.

  Communication Channel - Your letters.

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